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Best 10 Indian Nutritionists to Consult Online in 2022.

There are Indian nutritionists online well grounded in weight loss, expertise in sports nutrition, corporate nutrition, pregnancy nutrition and many more nutritional expertise. They have great online presence and you can consult them through social media pages, podcasts and their websites where they dish out rich nutrition content and healthy lifestyle teachings.

It is becoming evident everyday that people are oblivion on how to apply the science and facts of nutrition in their daily lives. Here are the top 10 renowned Indian nutritionists online you can follow and consult for your nutrition based challenges and health conditions.


Lavleen Kaur is a renowned and award winning dietitian, clinical nutritionist and lifestyle coach in Chandigarh, India with best in clinic and online diet plans for weight loss and health conditions.

She’s a head dietitian and co-founder of diet insight- a diet clinic which she started in 2014 to educate the masses about healthy eating and overall wellness.

Lavleen Kaur in 10 years across 25 countries has helped more than 12,000 people loose weight and manage health conditions. She does not believe in strict nutrition philosophies that deprives you of the foods you love, rather she encourages use of food as medicine. As an Indian nutritionist online, her website is very informative and rich in nutrition contents.


Diwekar Rujuta is a Mumbai born Indian nutritionist. She’s India’s leading sports science and nutrition expert, celebrity fitness expert, and amongst the world’s most followed Nutritionist.

She’s a best selling author and the country’s foremost speaker on health and wellness. The Asian Institute of Gastroenterology gave her a nutrition award in 2010.

As one of the popular Indian nutritionists online she has a huge lead on Facebook, Instagram and twitter where she shares holistic healthcare tips.


Roshni is an award winning Indian Nutritionist in plant based sports nutrition and a renowned body transformation specialist based in Bangalore, India.

She is recognized for top-class nutrition diet plans that are proven in reversing diseases like PCOS, Diabetes, thyroid and a lot more.

She’s a holistic nutritionist that graduated from prestigious Nutraphoria College of Nutrition in Canada. Her holistic methods are loved and recommended by many.

She has transformed the lives of more than 12,000 clients across the globe through her individual and corporate training. You can visit her website where she shares plant based diet journey, nutrition guides, workout tips and vegan recipes.


Nidhi is a nutritionist, strength and yoga trainer. She’s the director of Nidsun Wellness, a weight loss clinic with branches in Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana.

She’s an expert with an overall work experience of 14 years. She primarily deals in nutrition planning, body shaping and weight loss. Visit her website for online diets and wellness tips.


Shilpa Joshi, RD is a clinical nutritionist know for her expertise in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for preventive and therapeutic care of health problems.

She’s one of India’s leading dietitian and diabetes educator with over 20 years of experience. Asides being a clinical nutritionist, she specializes in all facets of nutrition.

Her belief is that food is very powerful to be used as a therapy to cure health challenges and not just for weight loss.


Khyati is an accomplished Chief Dietitian at Lilavati hospital, one of the leading hospitals in India with a 12 years experience in the field of health, food and nutrition.

She’s the founder and head of Balance Nutrition, one of the fastest growing health tech startups in India. She has helped more than 8,000 people across 58 countries with their diet related issues with the foods in their locality.

She has travelled widely and love to experiment with food. Read more about her beautiful journey at Bajaj capital and visit her site balance nutrition for online diet plans and consultations.


Mansi is a nationally recognized registered Dietitian in Mumbai, with BSc in food science and nutrition and post graduate degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics.

She specializes in diabetes and cardiac care. Her agenda is to promote healthy lifestyle through structured sessions and learning and to create awareness on the importance of food, nutrition and exercises.


Mahima is a diet consultant, fitness enthusiast and a lifestyle educator. She believes that food is a firsthand medicine and apply the approach that we are what we eat in treating her clients health challenges.

As one of the Indian nutritionists online, she has a huge followership on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram where she shares rich nutritional facts. She also run an online diet consultancy platform called Fitness Flu.


Shiny is an internationally recognized sports nutritionist and is the first Indian to be certified with graduate diploma in sports nutrition by International Olympic Committee.

With her knowledge in the field of sports nutrition, she has helped more than 100 athletes globally to optimize their athletic performance.


Ryan is an award winning celebrity sports nutritionist in India. He has accumulated a wealth of nutrition expertise, counselling abilities for therapeutic, pediatric and sports nutrition strategies.

In his efforts to provide scientifically designed diets to everyone, he set up a chain of clinics under the name Qua Nutrition which houses over 50 specialized dietitians.

Ryan has conducted over a thousand lectures in the last 2 decades at various forums on Sports and Fitness Nutrition. Visit his website for customized rich nutrition plans.


India has many experienced nutritionists but this article only listed the Indian nutritionists online who use their social media pages, websites, podcasts and any form of media to create nutrition awareness, dispense online diet plans and solve health challenges.

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